1. The Association shall be called ARCO (Kingston upon Thames).

2. The aims of the Association shall be :-

(a) principally of a social and welfare character, organising events, social or otherwise, as may be considered to be of interest to its members;

(b) effectively to give help or advice to its members either individually or collectively as may be possible.

3. Membership shall be open to all retired members of the staff of the Kingston upon Thames Corporation and the widows or widowers of members of such staff, including those retired members from other Authorities now resident in the Borough.

4. A subscription of 2 towards incidental expenses shall be payable annually on the 1st January, or any member so wishing may become a Life Member on payment of the sum of 25.

5. Members, and their wives or husbands, or other relative or friend shall be entitled to participate in the activities of the Association.

6. The Mayor for the time being to be invited to become President.

7. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March each year and shall appoint a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Social Secretary and such other officers as may be deemed necessary.

8. The Association shall be administered by a Committee of 10 TEN members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall include ex-officio the Officers and the Immediate Past Chairman of the Association.

9. The Committee shall have power to co-opt additional members as deemed necessary.

10. FIVE shall form a quorum for the Committee.

11. An Honorary Auditor shall be elected annually by the Annual General Meeting.

12. A member may nominate any other member for election to the Committee and any such nomination together with the agreement of the member so nominated shall be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary not less than seven clear days before the Annual General Meeting.

13. The administrative year shall be twelve calendar months ending 31st December and the audited accounts and balance sheet for the year ending 31st December shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

14. The Annual General Meeting shall have power to elect to Honorary Membership any person deemed to have served the Association in such a manner as to merit such election. Any such election shall be on the recommendation of the Committee and the number of persons so elected shall not exceed 5% of the paid-up membership.


Original Constitution approved at Annual General Meeting held on 10 March 1972, and Amended Constitution approved at Annual General Meeting held on 25 March 1983, at Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Amended at AGM 15 March 1991.

Amended at AGM 12 March 1992

Amended at AGM 5 March 1993

Amended at AGM 8 March 1996

Amended at AGM 6 March 2000




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